Should I just move on from this guy?

Long story short, I had a date with a guy next Saturday. He was a doctor and hence very busy. At the time, he suggested that we meet again on the Tuesday and go for dinner or something. I didn't hear from him until 3 days later, where he didn't mention anything about a potential second date.

I replied back to him and we texted back and forth a couple of times, but I noticed it sometimes took him longer and longer to get back to me. Plus, he didn't mention anything about a second date. His last message just said that he had been super busy and that he had been leaving the hospital around 8 pm everyday.

I have decided not to text him back anymore. Should I just move on from this guy as he hasn't mentioned anything about a second date?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Yes, move on. There's other guys out there that will have time for you.

    • Thanks for your input and you're right :)

  • it doesn't look like you have another choice :(

    • Thank you for your input :) yeah, I've decided not to reply back and move on.

    • is his loss not yours. someone else will appreciate you

What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah.. I'd suggest you to move on instead of putting expectations or getting upset. There's plenty of nice guys out there who will run after you for a second date.