Who should pay on the first date?

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  • The person who asked the other person out pays. Simple as that.

    If a girl asks me out, we set a date and she picks a place and then as the bill comes around she's expecting me to foot all of it? I'd probably lose interest right there. It would come off as incredibly spoiled and arrogant.
    It doesn't really have anything to do with being cheap either, I don't mind paying for a dinner or two. Quite the contrary, I enjoy feeling generous and tend to insist once or twice that I pay the entire thing if I took her out.
    However paying for someone else when they take you out is just awkward.

    Splitting is always fine and a safe default for girls. Guys might, sometimes get some grief for it. Honestly if you expect someone to pay the bill for you you're ruining the good gesture it is meant to be.

    This would be my opinion on both genders.


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  • Whoever asked should pay.

    I asked my boyfriend out. I picked him up. I paid for dinner.

    That's how that goes.


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  • I can see girls are gonna be all 'guys pay and girls do their hair and their make-up and wear push-up bras' and whatever, but honestly I don't care about that. Show up with patted down hair, casual clothes, bare-faced and colloquial and I'll feel much more able to relax with you and connect than if you look like a model. When it comes down to money, who was there for who? You were there for each other? Oh, what a shock. You both got something out of it so you both put something into it, go halfsies for first date every time.

  • Since it's the first date, the one who invited should pay.
    You imagine a girl asks you out to this 3 star Michelin restaurant, all fancy and expensive, and then she expects you to pay for the $200 bill. Like, the fuck? You invited, you pay, or we split, I'm not paying for your shit when YOU invited.

    So either you split, or the one asking pays.

  • Whoever initiated. Or better yet whoever wants to spoil the other person. Bad sign if either people don't want to pay. Why be with someone you don't want to spoil?

  • Of course that's the right thing to do for sure

    • Oops I thought you meant would you pay for the first date. I think all guys should pay for the first date

    • But you are almost 40 so

    • @UhDopeDude Age has nothing to do with it even a teen should pay for the first one, and dont rush my age buddy. All guys should pay for the first date or maybe two then after that Its a 50 50 split

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  • I think going dutch works out just fine.

  • Girl should pay... Because they probabaly never will again... And you should have to invest something

    • Women DO invest.
      Women pay more time, money, & energy on makeup, hair (it's a lot more time-consuming and difficult to care for long than short hair, guys!), shaving, nailpolish, clothes, etc to look visually pleasing for men, because men are """"visual creatures"""".
      If women pay so much time, money, & energy to satisfy men's visual senses, it's only fair men spend money on dates in other ways.

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    • @violettasanchez Because I think that since women contribute more time/money/energy when it comes to looks, that men should contribute more time/money/energy into other things, in order to compensate?

    • @mistixs Yes, exactly because of that.

  • Splitting it is always the easiest fairest way.


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