My friend flirting with my guy?

One of my good girlfriends is ALWAYS flirting with my guy/crush. She knows my history with him and the way I feel about him but she continues to openly flirt a lot with him and flamboyantly with him. It's extremely irritating. He doesn't act like he likes her in that way but it makes me feel like if he flirts back then the way he treats me isn't special/ no different. Does he treat us the same because she's my friend? Or do you think he likes either both or neither? He and I have a history and have been talking for a while and have kissed a few times so our relationship wasn't ever strictly platonic!


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  • You should ask him: Are we an item or not? If yes stop flirting with her. If not then stop flirting with me.


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  • If your friend already knows your history with him, she is a shitty friend and not worthy of your time. As for him he probably likes you since you're the one he has kissed, not her.