Is okay to doubt just a little bit if they like you?

There's this guy whom I know he likes me and he knows that I like him. But sometimes I feel like he doesn't like me anymore even though I know that he does. Is that normal?


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  • A little doubt is healthy. A lot of it will ruin any relationship.

    If you're showering him what affection and he is making ice-man look warm, yes. Feel free to doubt. But do talk with him about it. We're not as bad at talking as people make it out to seem.
    We just suck at the heated arguments part.


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  • Yeah that's normal, but sometimes guys are just flirts. It COULD be that he is just flirting with you and doesn't actually have a thing for you if you're feeling that he doesn't like you sometimes.. Or you could just be second-guessing like most people. I'd need more detail to tell you which it is for sure..

    • What do you want to know?

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    • Teasingly but not in a hurtful way yet caring. He uses a softer/ sweeter voice than his usual one when talking to me, yes consistent. We have each other's numbers and I start most conversations because he is a very shy/ quiet guy. But he does talk back he isn't just sitting there listening unless I'm venting about something (he waits till I'm done). Any other questions?

    • No it really does sound like he likes you, I wouldn't be concerned :) every one has doubts sometimes but from what you've told me, it's looking good

  • thats normal. it isn't supposed to be easy. he needs to prove his feelings for u, but u need to do so as well if u feel the same way.