Is this even worth continuing?

I am truly confused here...

Have been texting back and forth with a girl for a week now. I am 24 and she is 19. Day 1 we texted a lot, I ask her if she wants to meet up. She ignored the question. Day 2 we kept texting, she says she wants to make me food and asks what I like. Ever since we have kept texting, but she started to insult me, saying that I am "good weird/schizo" (which I consider an insult). She also mentioned that I make her feel stupid and that I scare her. Yet she kept texting me and we kept playing around. She also accused me of being intoxicated when I sent her a little inside joke we have been sharing. Lastly, yesterday I called her but she did not pick up, instead opting to text me, asking if I called. I'm definitely not a pushover and at the moment I just stopped texting her.

Is this a 19 year old thing? Am I overreacting? I have experience with girls 23+ only.


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  • I think you need to stop texting her she sounds like the crazy one tbh and stick to girls around your age it's not a 19 year old thing she's doing she's the one overreacting

    • Yea I am getting that feeling too... I had a girlfriend with a personality disorder. It was hell.

    • It not worth it just go find someone who will make the relationship enjoyable and you really love


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  • I think she doesn't wAnt to meet you. Maybe she scared. Dont text her for awhile. Please remember that there is other women out there.

    • Then I have no idea why she is offering to make me food then. This is why it makes no sense. I think she might be pretty inexperienced/shy/a virgin to be honest.

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  • Sound like she buggin. Keep on if you can take more of that