Am I that much of a failure as a person?

I been around for 23 years, in this 23 years I been with a single woman for 6 months only, I dated only 1's in my whole life. We broke up, mostly do to my own faulty personality. Most if not all of my life I tried to be a decent human being to everyone, even at times when life sucked and I wanted to pull the plug on reality. I somehow made it, I had a lot of shit happen in my life, most unfair and most as a reminder that being decent gets you nothing in life. I never lashed out on others, I lashed out at myself, away from others. I guess I'm like one of thouse jolly individuals who are always there, help others and all. And then one day you learn they took there own life. Today was ones more an awesome reminder how much life sucks. Yeah being single is not the end of the world. But looking at my track record I'm mostly single. Sure it's mostly due to my personality (pessimistic, stubborn, introvert, logic monster) and majority of this things are beyond fixable. I had a rather fun childhood (sarcasm), and in my adult hood I been stuck in a pile of debt and random bullshit that makes me hate life more and more. I really don't know, I see some sketchy people who are more happier with life then I am, I see some odd couples and I see general unfairness in life and work. Sometimes I. just want to throw in the towel and say "Fuck it. I quit". Leave my shitty work were I'm being exploited as an awesome employee with zero benefits. Leave my fucking life of debt and just go somewhere. I doubt I will meet someone, from what most told me as older you get the less chances you have. And being honest I guess it's for the better, no need to drag someone into my life. Kind of had to post this, get some shit of my chest. How much I hate Valentine's Day, makes me remember all the sorrow I burry year over and over.


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  • Valentine's Day is really just another day..

    You're not doing bad. You're just pessimistic, you said so yourself. Sure, in 23 years you've only been with one woman, but do all those 23 years really count? I mean, people tend to start dating in high school.. And you've done it once, so you know you can do it again. Plus, men's chances get much better when they're in their mid to late twenties.

    It's great that you're a good person, but it doesn't guarantee anything. Don't let others take advantage of that because, most of the time, they will. Make a list of things that you aren't happy about and make sure to do something to change them.

    • Thank you. It's not about relationships. I'm simply yet again mind fucked how being a decent person seems to never pay up. Instead life throws more shit in your face.

    • Yeah, life can suck, but it can be great too. Force yourself to think positive and to smile. You'll start to see a difference in yourself.

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  • This is me to a T except I'm almost 25 and no job or liscense and never any college... Some very wise people keep telling me that it's because the smartest people are introverted and self conscious because they know how much better they can be as a pose to other "dumber" people who think they are the absolute shit... So because they think that they are confident.. And they get to enjoy life... But who knows it's just a theory... I don't know what to think or what to do... I'll never have any confidence... And if I do manage to get a grip on some it won't be all the much and will be easy to take away im sure... I'm sorry man... Life does really suck for some people soemtimes for no reason... You think nice people would... Have more friends and more options but I guess in reality it makes them look indecisive and boring? I don't know... That's how I feel about myself though


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  • :( All I can say is: Sorry you feel that way :(

    • Ah thank you. But there is no need to feel sorry for me. Never intended to get pitty, simply had to get this off my chest.

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  • Dude dont give up. I know it sucks, and i've been there at times where i come close to just saying "fuck it all im done" maybe not as much as you. but I've been pretty darn close. the thing is, that you got get up, when you are pushed down. shake and wipe the dirt off your clothes and keep marching. don't let anyway say that it won't get better as you get older. you need a second opinion. and i believe it ain't too late for anyone. regardless of what they experienced or been through. its up to us to take control and triumph.