Why my ex asked me if I have a boyfriend?

We broke up 1 month and half ago, sometimes we talk but not so much.
Yesterday he texted me and we talked a little then he asked me "What is new? studies? boyfriends? and I don't know what to reply.

I've been seeing someone but I can't said he is my boyfriend because we have been dating just for 2 weeks. What should I reply


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  • doesn't need to know, and you dont need to reply.

    I'd just say school has been fine, how bout you.

    he doesn't. need. to. know.


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  • This is the same thing that's happening with me.. and he already admitted that he wants me back.. me too.. anyways.. what's happening with u shows that he is kinda jealous and still likes u and wants u back.. make the game on point so what you need to do is:make him jealous-how? well don't tellhim that u have a boyfriend or something but be like;no but there actually r some crushes.. u know what i mean right.. xx