Want to come out as bi but could ruin my whole life if I do, should I?

I really like with one of my bffs. But I'm sure I more than just like her, but I am also pretty sure that if there was any chance of there being an, 'us' my other bff would hate me for it, we have such a close bond oh and I have a boyfriend, help!

Thanks but technically he isn't mine because our families hate each other and we are forbidden to be a couple at my boarder
Thanks for your comments, I suppose I'm just worried, a close friend of mine was once bullied and tormented for coming out, I guess I didn't want that, she left the city about six months ago now and we rarely talk, I guess I didn't want to experience that. You are all right though, if they can't love me as I am they won't ever understand. And by the way, I love my boyfriend, but I guess I'm not IN love, I'm still not positive on coming out but, thanks anyway


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  • i don't think you worry about losing friends for coming out. if they decide they can't be your friend then that's on them. your friends need to love you for who you are... completely not becuase you keeps aspects (especially significant ones) a secret

    also if you don't like the guy you are with you should dump him. but regardless of your sexuality it isn't ok to pursue someone else while in a relationship. and don't use your sexuality as the reason you are breaking up as it comes off as hollow since you still like guys... be honest with you boyfriend about your feelings


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  • If someone has a problem that your sexuality lose them. Also don't pursue your friend if you are already in a relationship.


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  • attraction is everywhere. don't be a fool and act on it when you're in a relationship unless you break up.

  • you can be bi and have a boyfriend but if you break up with him then go with your friend eh
    id come out but not like break up


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