Guys, Sex and dating older men?

I have recently started dating an man 15 years older than me. I really do not see the age difference in lots of ways. However, he really likes sexting, but in person is very different. He is very proper and such a gentelmanin person , opening doors, pulling out chairs, standing when you stand at the table it is almost like 2 different people. He would never talk to me the way he does in a text message, and even has only gone as far as hugs and kisses in person. What should I think about this? Is this normal behavior or could he just be really shy in person?


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  • Age is just a number Its about what do you have in common and how you guys work together as a team

  • I think he is just being what his age group considers to be acceptable. If you like the way he talks to you when sexting, then why not tell him.

    He may get excited about the prospect of being able to not just sext but say certain things in person.

  • many guys are like that, its normal to be honest, just his inner desires coming out