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If you are dating a guy and you have been seeing each other for a month, you both established that you like each other, you talk everyday, you spend the night at his house a lot and then one night your texting back and forth (he's drunk texting) and tells you that he just had an awesome date that night... how would you react? You haven't asked about other girls ever, you aren't bf/gf, dating is about going out with several people until you find the one (that's my thought) but shouldn't you just keep some stuff to yourself like the other dates you go on?


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  • Well, I'd probably not be too happy to hear that, but as you said, you're not "technically" bf/gf and you never asked about other girls, and he was drunk...
    Might be time to have a serious conversation with him about how he things things are going between the two of you and what kind of future he sees for the relationship. If you're both in agreement that things are going good and it's got potential, then let him know that because you have feelings for him and would like a more serious relationship, it upset you that he told you about his "awesome" date the other night. See if you can both come to an agreement on whether or not dating others is acceptable at this stage of the relationship, and/or what the ground rules are as far as what to share/what not to share.

    Chalk this one up the booze, and take it as a hint that it's time to get clear with each other and decide where things are going.

  • It sounds like he has one big ego trip, and wants you to know about it and he maybe thinks, this is a good thing as it somehow paints him a some macho dude... but to me it is not okay for him to do that to you as very mixed signals are being sent by him.. also sounds like he is playing the field.. and in my view if he is interested in you.

    Then he should only be talking to you and no other women, we are not all painted with the same brush and if it was me and after spending time with you for that long I would only want you.. period.. I really hope things work out.. but to be honest it may not.. just my honest opinion is all.. please take care


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