Why do the nice girls finish last?

The guy I really liked and was seeing recently told me he wasn't interested in a relationship and that we were just a bit of fun. I was really shocked by this as we seemed to be extremely compatible and got along really well.

One of his exes used to be a friend of mine and he was in love with her. This girl was the kind that partied all the time, slept around, had a reputation for cheating (she ended up cheating on him) and was generally a very mean person (hence why we are no longer friends). Because of this previous relationship I've begun to doubt my self worth and wonder why he saw her worthy of a commitment but only saw me as a bit of fun. (I've only ever kissed two guys (he the second one) and haven't slept with anyone so I'm not sure how I gave off that vibe)

I've seen it happen time and time again with other people also. I'm just really not sure what it is guys see 'relationship material' as.


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  • You're young so most guys see "relationship material" as "physically attractive". It's sad but it's the cold truth. VERY few 18-24 year old guys are out there looking for a wife so they're going for whoever they consider to be the hottest girl with a tolerable personality. If a girl is gorgeous and has a nice personality, she's often going to have her pick of a boyfriend whereas girls who are just nice but not as attractive will find it more difficult.


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  • Hahahaahahahahhahaahhahaa.

    We don't finish last. We are the chicks that get it "last."

    Meaning after these guys are done fooling around and fucking; when they officially have careers and are ready to settle down, they come running back to women like you and me.

    Each guy that I met told me I was a "nice, good, sweet, amazing girl," but then they go off and bang the girl at the club!

    They aren't ready for commitment boo. You weren't someone he was having "fun" with. He was having fun with her. Also it's possible that he thought she was super sexy and went after her and thought he had a chance but then when she dumped his ass he realized what a pathetic loser he was.
    Happened to me too.
    Guy can crawling back to me.
    I ignored his ass now. Ain't nobody got time for that.

    Girl shine. Who the hell cares. Focus in school, get a good career, become a boss ass bitch/ super sweet caring lady, and work towards being yourself.
    Focus on yourself. Become confident. Forget guys for now.

    • Listen to this woman. She knows her shit. Being a guy, I can 100% confirm


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  • Most guys in the 18-24 bracket could care less about how nice the girls is, they just want hot.

    Don't get me wrong there are guys in that age area that do like nice girls, they can just be hard to find.


    Someday though, they will be looking to settle down and meet a nice girl... cue your entrance.

  • Most girls who claim they're "nice girls" aren't. They're just sluts in denial. I'm guessing neither of you are really relationship material. Sluts are like the first piece of bread, everyone touches it, but nobody really wants it.

  • They don't. Ugly girls finish last.

  • Some people lack emotion

  • Don't take it personally, I'm sure you liked someone who was no good for you too.


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