Should you settle for the person who loves you or wait for someone better?

So there is this guy who is perfect in every sense , the kinda person i want and loves me to the moon and back but i am not attracted to him! Should i even try to be with him or date him or should i wait for someone , someone i will find attractive, who just clicks in my mind without a doubt, if he even exists!!


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  • Never be with someone because they love YOU. And never ever be with someone you aren't attracted to. Those situations are absolutely doomed.

    Find your match. Find your soulmate. Lots of people do. Don't give up. And don't waste time.

    Good luck. :)


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  • I would wait dude... don't settle for someone you aren't attracted to because you might regret it later.
    Or maybe find someone you are attracted to, get your heart broken from that douche and crawl back to the nice guy who always loved you so you can appreciate him more. Works like a charm! :)


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  • Never settle.. Don't lock yourself into a relationship where you're not happy because it'll ultimately lead to heart break regret and probably depression

    • But isn't get your heart break over and over again because of all one sided feelings and wanting someone you can't have more worse! I m tired of this thing...

    • Well not really... Because you're trying to protect your feelings... But what about the other person in the relationship isn't that just as bad? You shouldn't settle for someone you're not attracted to just as much as the other person needs to have a chance in finding someone who loves them and is attracted to them... Don't you think?

  • NEVER SETTLE! I did that for my first marriage and was unhappy for years till we divorced. Find someone YOU love and will love you.
    Why waste your time?

  • You clearly don't respect him, even though he loves you (shocker). You should just break it off, because you'll jump at the next better option after better option. He'll stick around even though you cheated because he's a chump.


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