Why do guys try to pay on a date even though you don't genuinely like playing?

I don't like it when a guy pays the bill because I know most guys would think that if they pay, they can control girls.
They would think they are allowed to have sex and if a girl turned down the offer they would be like "I pay the bill though."
So I always try to spilt the bill but most of the times guys pay. They are like don't care about the bill.
But I'm like I know you don't want to pay though.. but guys usually have strong prides so they probably want to show their superiority by displaying that they can afford it and I don't want to hurt their prides.
So how can I spilt the bill? And so you guys genuinely like paying or you pay because you have some intentions to have sex?


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  • If you are able to pay for it then just smile and tell the guy, 'Thank you for the offer, but I'd prefer to pay for myself.' - It tells the guy you can take care of yourself.

    I hate women who expect me to pay, I outright refuse to, and if they take offence to that, then they know where the door is.

    I will occasionally pay for my girlfriend (and she occasionally pays for me), but never a first date or anything like that. Some guys just like to be nice, but I think that a lot of them think they are 'owed' something, which is ridiculous. It's not about pride, if they think they are owed anything, then just go elsewhere, you don't want to be involved with someone like that.


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  • You just keep coming across the old fashioned guys. If I went on a date with a girl who offered to split a bill, I'd already be thinking of getting to know her further. That's a gem right there.

  • Nothing to do with pride for me. If I ask someone to go somewhere with me then I'm paying, guy or girl, date or not.

    • Wow that's too nice. You don't have to do so though

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    • Yk. When you're as alone as I am you don't mind so much. I just don't want to fall into that depression again

    • Aw 😢 but it would be really wasting time and money if you spend on someone who tires to take advantage of you. Whether you pay or not, those kinds of people never actually care about you.
      Being alone doesn't mean lonely it's a time to work on yourself plus it shows a person's independence. Hope you aren't sacrificinf yourself for trashy people...😢

  • Nah, 50/50 is the way to go.

  • It is considered polite for the guy to pay... a social norm.

  • for being a gentlemen !!


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  • I don't understand why everything guys do, as gentlemen, are now considered just a front so they can get the girl in bed. Can't we just accept that guys aren't always sex craving predators.