Girls, how would you feel if you were on a tinder date and the guy turned down sex, because he actually likes you and wants another date?

basically the question. I have only ever used tinder for hookups, but I actually liek this girl (at least via texting) Assuming we hit it off in person, what would you think abotu this situation?


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  • I'm going to put myself in your situation, and place myself as said girl.

    I would respect you for that, especially if I wanted another date. But if I just wanted a piece of you, then I'd be kinda upset, but still respect your decision, and move on.

    I would appreciate that tbh, cause there's too many guys out there who go on dating sites, who maybe want to be in a relationship, but end up just hooking up, or just plain want to hook up. I never give out before I'm in a relationship anyway, because I know that if you give everything too early, then what else is there for this man to discover about you?

  • I'd assume she's on tinder for only hookups as well and move on when you denied her.