Guys do you really get those certain kinds of vibes that would push you away even without trying to approach the girl frist?

Well, last time I was in a relationship it was 2 years ago, and it was my first relationship, I was 19. Before that in high-school, I never really knew how to talk to a guy and be there as more than a friend even if I was interested and i liked him. Concerning the relationship, it was approximately for 2 years and I broke it off it was not a healthy relationship. And after few months, I was ready to fully move on. Now, after 2 years I want nothing to do with my ex. Since then, I have really liked 3 guys and did nothing about it since I cannot know if they like me too, and I am afraid to tell them and be rejected. My best friend tells me that I send a vibe to the other person that I am not interested even if I am, so they are afraid to approach me and feel rejected, so they move away before even approaching or letting me know how they feel. And more than one guy that we know has told her that they are scared to even flirt with me. So my main question is about the following: is it really possible to send these vibes? have you ever felt those kind-of-vibes from a girl? because I am not aware of it, and I even feel that the other person can definitely know from they way I look at him that I like him and I'd be shy for feeling exposed. Thank you in advanced.


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  • Yeah you can easily tell guy you are interested.
    like eye contacts, plucking your hair, in-folding of lower lip inside while looking at him, looking for him in class are enough signs to tell a any being that have penis (boys) you are on.
    and don't try this on every boy otherwise you will be in hall of fame of bitches very fast.

  • If she doesn't give me any IOI's then I wouldn't approach her. It doesn't help if a woman has "resting bitch face" either.

  • Of course we are observant. Your actions say a lot.


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