Do girls do this?

Say a girl gave a guy her number because he seems interested in her, ever since then they would have nice conversations over text and she would keep it keep it going double text and all for a while (like weeks) . But all of a sudden she starts to text dry could it be because the guy hasn't asked her out yet? Do girls actually start to lose interest or get mad the guy hasn't asked her out? Does the mood change?


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  • It could be many reasons. Maybe she is busy some days. Maybe is a routine now, and not so exciting as it was at start (this doesn't mean that she doesn't care) . Or yes maybe she got tired of waiting for some more and she moved on. Or maybe she wants to see if you will chase her


What Guys Said 1

  • Have you even gone on a date? Probably waiting for you to take her out and is getting bored of just texting