Girls, Would girls find this attractive?

Would girls find a 5'11 guy 170 really cut and defined but had a female skeletal stricture. Meaning in guy cloths looks like a small body builder but naked or tight cloths it's kinda hard to tell if it's a guy or a really really strong girl small waist big hips and small shoulders but the muscle makes them look big super strong thighs but small calfs and tinny ankles huge bi and triceps boulder shoulders and a defined back but tinny tinny waist and skinny fourarms and hands in a dress that covers the shoulders and make up and a wig you can't tell it's a guy at all but in a bro tank and board shorts just looks like a small body builder like no roids normal looking guy but a little bigger then average

Girls, Would girls find this attractive?
But think if he's in jeans and no wig. He won't let us put the guy picture cuz he doesn't want to be recagnized


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  • What a great body!
    For a woman body builder!!
    But for a man to have that body... I'd be immediately turned off.