What does my ex want?

In the beginning of the relationship of me & my ex (which we dated for 1 month) he really liked me like SOOO much but I didn't like him so much. He broke up with me through text bc I didn't show i didn't care bout him which I really didn't. So after we broke up i started to have a thing with one of his friends but I didn't know At first they were friends... After awhile me & my ex started to flirt again & damn this time i fell for him. So i cut off his friend so I could get back with him. My ex told one of his friends that he couldn't get over me & loved me & all this. So one weekend he was like "imma ask u out during the week" so i was so happy & me & him were already basically looking like we were dating but he never asked me out so i was like wtf 🤔 So i asked him what are we.. & he ended up saying he doesn't know what he wants.. So i cut him off bc I want to be more than just having a thing.. So while we stopped talking I was just hurt & mad bc he just changed up so quick. The next week i went to hang out with two of my friends & my ex came along.. We ended up kissing & he told me that he loved me. Later that day i was expecting a text from him but he never texted me.. so on that weekend I ended up texting him to fix this & see what he really wants. He confused me so much bc he told me he doesn't want a relationship but wants me & him to be something more than friends & that he loves me so much but later on he says he wants to be friends.. Whenever i ask him he just seems so unsure of what he wants why is that? Should i keep talking to him to see what goes from there? Or cut him off completely? Even tho I don't want to 😢


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  • He does not love you. He does not want a relationship. He is using you.

    Sorry to be blunt, but if a guy loves a girl... he wouldn't treat her like this at all. It appears to be a game to him and by saying the word love, he keeps you under his control and at his beck and call. Move on, relationships shouldn't be this much hard work.


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  • He's probably scared you're not gonna show him affection like the first time around. He probably wants a relationship... maybe a hook up (sex with you).

    He could genuinely want a relationship, but like I said he's scared because of what happened the first time you two were together.

    • Soo true 🤔🤔 should i keep talking to him or cut him off?

    • talk things out with him. If you want to be with him explain you're gonna change, if you don't wanna be with him then don't.

  • So u love u which loves him which loves her which loves u which u loves u so u must love her because she loves him which loves you?


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  • If you want him to commit it sounds highly unlikely that he will, so best to just cut ties. Delete his number and move on.