Guys, if your girlfriend broke up with b. c you only wanted something casual, but now you`ve been ALONE, single, for over a year, would you feel dumb?

I was dating a guy last year for a few months. We met online. He said he was only looking for something casual/short-term. I was looking for potentially a long-term relationship or at least someone open to the idea of that developing, so I broke up with him.
He`s been single since that time. He has an online profile and he still goes on it very frequently, but I know he`s not having any luck. He`s fairly geeky and his profile sucks, is unappealing.

If I were in his shoes, I would feel pretty dumb for losing an opportunity on a good relationship, only to end up alone for over a year, reading online profiles in my pjs. He tried to keep contact after we broke up, but I stopped replying to his messages.
Do you think he feels dumb? He`s almost 32. I`m 29.


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  • I wouldn't as it doesn't change the fact that you wanted different things. He, however, might regret it or want to see if he can hook up with you again. I assume this means that you still like him and am hoping that you taught him some kind of lesson and changed him.

  • Since I only look for long term relationships, and not really into all this 'casual dating' stuff, I can't even relate to your question! :P