He hasn't texted me in almost a week? What did I do wrong?

Been talking to this guy for two months now. At first we started out by having casual sex, but we never really established a friends with benefits relationship.

But the weird thing is two weeks ago, instead of just hanging out at my place and hooking up, he took me out on a date to see a movie. He paid for everything. Afterwards we cuddled and before he left he hugged and kissed me for a long time. I found this to be really sweet and told him I enjoyed my time.

Ever since this the texting has been really sparse. We texted maybe once after later that week. Currently it's been 6 days since I've heard from him. What is going on? He seemed interested in more I guess but now he's disappeared. He looks at my shapchats all the time though, but never texts me.


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