He hasn't texted back?

So I met this guy 2/3 weeks ago and he really hit it off. We hung out a couple of times and everything has gone pretty well ( on my end), His phone has been messing up and he can't text without wifi- but! He is always on Twitter and I haven't heard from him in 2 days... I haven't done anything wrong and I'm confused to why I'm being ignored... help!


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  • Maybe is just trying to be courteous and not spam you with meessages. Or work is suddenly hitting him hard. Just be patient.


What Girls Said 1

  • If his phone isn't always working then he could at least contact you by other means. You'd think he would go out of his way to contact you through Twitter just to let you know he isn't intentionally ignoring you. Personally i would distance myself because i would feel he felt indifferent towards me. If he liked you then he would make an effort , not an excuse