Does she want more?

I met a girl, she is 24 and we are always texting when we are free (she is a PHD student, so not much haha) we met at vball and then everyone goes to the bar. But we stayed there later than everyone else-untill 11:30.
Our first planned date, she brought me back to her house for supper and we watched tv untill 11:30

I've been out with her a few times and all her friends really like me, and even when we are in public she tickles me. We were talking, and I said I would step up my game with her. She said "Good :)"

Next message was along the lines of "you do know a big reason for me going tommorow is to spend time with you right?"

I am wondering if I should kiss her. It's probably a stupid question, but this will be my first kiss, so I don't really know what im doing from this point haha


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