After a date have you ever told someone that you are going to call them, but never done it?


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  • I had a little different situation than that. If I could recall from two summers ago, I was seeing a guy. We both liked each other, no doubt. He asked me out, gave me his number, everything. We went on a couple dates, blah blah... After that, he stopped calling and texting me than usual, even though we had plans to go somewhere.. So yeah... lol


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  • No. Why not call back? Was it a bad date?

    • Girls tend to do that sometimes after dates. Maybe they think the date went bad etc. If I say im going to call a girl I always do if I say it.

    • I guess some people just change their minds later - after talking to friends etc.

    • Yeah that is true. I think friends can influence other friends decision making.

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