He's going to forget me while he is at uni?

He's gone back to uni wich is a few hours away & I won't get to visit for like 3 weeks.
I'm afraid he is going to forget about me before I even get the chance to visit
We used to message eveeryday & call when he wasn't at uni but in the day he has been back he has barely messaged at all & didn't even say goodnight last night becuase he was out (he has said goodnight everynight for the last 3 months)


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  • Talk to him about it


What Girls Said 2

  • Sometimes people are at different stages in their lives. It's inevitable that you'll drift apart , when his life has changed so drastically. Sometimes you have to let go of someone you love... not because you don't care but because they can no longer find a place in their life for you anymore.

    Some people only have time for you when they have less important things to do. No matter how busy someone's life is they'll sacrifice time for you out of their busy schedule if they truly love you. Holding onto him will bring you so much heartbreak. Look after your own heart because he obviously won't.

    I'd rather be on my own than with someone who made me feel alone, unwanted and unloved

  • My boyfriend is in university 4 hours away from me. I haven't seen him in a month. He hasn't forgotten about me. He is likely just really busy right now