Does my boyfriend really suck or should I hang in there?

The thing is, is that I think he's either really cheap or maybe he doesn't really love me like he says. He has no car so I help him when he needs a ride and I've brought him out for lunch. He's asked me to dinner but it hasn't happened. This past valentines he didn't even wish me a happy Valentine's day or get me anything while I bought him a gift. Then the next day he said he'd take me out for dinner to make up for Valentine's but he said they're closed. I found out later that they weren't closed. So now I'm thinking am I just his plaything for sex or is he cheap, or clueless or I don't know.


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  • You can surely find a better guy than him right? Even being single is a better option than he is. Do you really think this guy likes you? How sure are you that he considers you his girlfriend? Has he taken you in front of his close friends and family and claimed you publicly as his woman?

    I'm asking because I can't see how a guy who really cares about a woman he's dating treating her with such disregard. Either way you're not happy so stop putting up with it. It's ok to have standards ladies. You aren't a bitch or stuck up because you have standards for how a guy you deal with needs to treat you.

    Even if this guy was broke, an honest genuine guy who had money problems is still gonna put in that effort. He may not have been able to buy you a fancy dinner and get you jewelry but he would still have texted you. Better yet called you on Valentine's Day if he wasn't able to see you. I mean did he get called in for a 12 hr shift at work that day? Why didn't he see you on Valentine's Day? Seriously?

    Why does he ask you out for dinner and then never makes sure you go out? What's stopping him?

    Your man is a user. There are plenty of people who aren't looking for LOVE, they're looking for HELP. How convienient that he managed to find a girlfriend to meet his needs of transportation and money... what does this guy do for YOU? Where is the reciprocation. This guy benefits a lot out of being with you but you don't really need him. Stop being so available to give him rides and gifts all the time and see if he remains so nice to you. He's telling you he loves you so he can use you. You see people's true characters when you are unable to do what they want. See if this guy will stick around if you weren't able to do favors for him. I sincerely doubt it. You need to find a real man not a using ass bum.

    • Hi, thank you for your reply. He's here for school and has no family in town, plus he doesn't have many friends in town. He's said that he's "dating" me only after I said the word boyfriend. I don't even know why he would ask me out for dinner and then just ignore it or say that the restaurant was closed. I was hoping maybe he really believed it was closed but that seems so odd. He doesn't seem to be struggling financially. I would have been happy with a homemade card. Sometimes I feel like I'm just there to help with his loneliness. He'll mention he needs something and I always offer. I'll stop and see what happens.


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  • Obviously a guy who doesn't have a car isn't trying to be cheap, sounds like he just doesn't have the means.

    You keep mentioning things he should be buying for you, or places he should be taking you but is he a good person, does he love you and show you that through his actions (not including spending money)?

  • He starts lying to cover up stuff? Red flag.


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  • If he's not putting in the effort and/or you feel taken advantage of, it may be time to reevaluate.