Have I been friendzoned?

I recently had a deep conversation lasting over 2 hours with a guy I'm kind of interested in. He opened up to me about personal matters, even though we haven't talked much alone or deeply before. He also clarified about a comment he had made that he thought made me insecure, to let me know he didn't mean it in that way and was just joking. He prefaced the comment with not to hit on me or anything, but that when he first met me, he thought I was pretty, and as time went along, thought I was good looking and a very nice person (basically saying that he was interested in me), but that he realized we were very different and implied/stated we wouldn't work out.
Does this mean that there is no way now for us to be together? Has he firmly decided that he sees me as a friend?
I now feel emotionally connected to him and like him more, but I am afraid that he now has no interest in me romantically.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think you are friend-zoned.

    • Do you think there's any way out? Especially if he's confiding so much in me. Can guys confide like that and not feel close?

    • You could change your personality, LOL. That's about it, really. The answer is, basically, no.

What Girls Said 2

  • If he already decided and told you that he doesn't see it working out then I doubt you should hope too much. Usually people try to make things work if they really like someone. The fact that he decides right off the bat that it won't work tells me he isn't interested. With that said, you can still try to work on friendship and maybe remind him that you two aren't that different and look for common ground but at same time don't invest your all into him.

  • Implied/stated are two very different things.. what were his exact words?

    • I don't remember D: which is why I put implied/stated. I think he said something about it not being worth it to try because we are different