Do people really mean it when they say you're the best sex they've been had?

Was just curious from both male and female perspective, do you really mean it, and have you ever told your partner or whoever that they were the best sex ever? Why would you say it and why not? Is there truth to these statements or is it just a boost?

  • Mean it when you say it
    12% (1)50% (3)29% (4)Vote
  • Have said it but not meant it
    25% (2)17% (1)21% (3)Vote
  • Never said it
    63% (5)33% (2)50% (7)Vote
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  • I think if a guy says it he's probably being honest but if a girl says it there's like a 60% chance she's lying.


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  • Can't say l've said it before

  • It's just a boost. I think you can sometimes genuinely feel like that in the moment though, but after your feelings and excitement fade you see it was just heat of the moment stuff. I said it to anybody I've been with, or that he ate me out the best or has the most amazing dick etc...


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