Will he ever talk to me again?

So I had this guy friend that I was majorly crushing on, and he at first said he wanted to just be friends and didn't feel the same way about me but then said that we would take things slow and I had potential to be a girlfriend. When he canceled our last movie date, I kinda let my emotions get the best of me and accused him of making excuses and said some pretty harsh things such as a selfish asshole. Did I overreact and hurt his feelings? I tried texting him and sent an e-mail apologizing but no answer. I'm really sad cause I might have blown it.


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  • There's no way to know for sure since I'm not him but I'd definitely get over it and talk to you again

    • Thanks for being that way :), just wish the same could be said for him.

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  • He was rude no doubt.. But your reaction was equally outta control.

    • Yeah. Totally agree. Thats why I feel sooo bad but I feel like my apology means nothing to him. I have this horrible thing about acting on impulse and making irrational decisions. Should I wait a few weeks for it blow over? I'm scared we are done for good.

    • No.. Like I said he rude too. If doesn't come around then let me go and move on


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  • He may need time to proccess and get over the things you said. Don't keep bothering him and maybe he will come to you eventually. However, if he doesn't then he doesn't and im sorry. I think you did overreact but he could have been making an excuse at the same time

    • But see that is why I didn't know how to react, cause maybe he was playing me. I could never know.