Pursuing a guy, is this too much or should I give up?

Met a guy recently and we instantly clicked but we've had a few bickerings because of silly text messages being misinterpreted. I really like him and think that if we meet in person again we could have that initial spark back again but he has said he does find me attractive and does like me like that but thinks that we clash because of the silly things that happened because of those texts and that we should leave it here. I don't want to do that and I've told him this. I've flirted with him and told him I don't want to walk away from him that we will meet I'm going to make sure of it. All with a laughing joking flirting tone of course. Is this too much or should I admit defeat and have lost him?


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  • If he's no longer interested, you can't change that. Bickering that early on without even being in a relationship isn't a good sign.