What kind of relationship do we have?

Quick backstory: we're both in college in same town, different places. We've talked for 3 months. We've only hung out 4 times (we're busy often). We've had sex twice. We call each other cuddle buddies... Not sure what that really means.

He took me on DATE two weeks ago which confuses me since I thought we were just having casual sex. Now he went a whole week without talking to me, so i texted him, we talked for hours, but he said he's been super busy with work + school. He used to text everyday, now it's not the same.

He also said he had something he wanted to ask me but it was "time-based and requires us to hangout a few more times." Yet he hasn't made any plans?' Wtf is he talking about? I don't know what kind of relationship this is?


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  • Still seems like a casual fuck buddy to me until we hear what he says.


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  • You're fuck buddies.