Guys have you ever had a relationship turn sour than years later seek to reconnect?

could be friendship, a coworker, an ex... Is t excluded to romantic involvements

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  • Nope, when I've reached that point with someone, I'm done because I've already moved on.

    • You've never been curious about an old friend or flame? Or sought to catch up with someone and bury the hatchet and get along?

    • No, because by the time it gets to that point, I've been screwed over, been apologized to, screwed over yet again and again, tried to work things out, and realized there was just no point in it. I've literally spent years trying to fix broken friendships and just gave up, often because of their alcohol/drug abuse or lying, and I've decided I just don't want to be around those types anymore.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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