How to come back from a creepy text message?

I wasn't really thinking, and sent a guy I'm seeing a text this morning when I woke up, saying "We would totally make cute babies!" Argh. What the hell. He has nonot replied yet. The dumb thing is that I probably don't want to have kids for like 3- 5 years. We're not in a relationship yet either, and he's pretty amazing and I more so meant that he's really attractive. Though, I am looking for my last relationship, ideally and I guess i was curious to see how he'd handle it. How do I unscrew myself in this situation?


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  • I don't see anything wrong with what you said. You're over thinking the text because of his lack of response don't worry he'll text his probably just busy.


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  • I don't actually think there is a coming back from this one... you gave yourself the death shot.
    I say just act casual and don't mention it anymore... As if it never happened.