Why do black girls get compline about black guys dating white girls?

I don't understand all the hate. I know many say that they don't have anyone to date, but isn't that their problem for only looking within their own race and on top of that only the type of men she would like. Maybe you should expand your horizons a bit if you feel your being turned down by every guy you peruse. If white girls made the same complaint about white guys dating black girls then many people would be quick to call them racist. I personally think that's a double standard. I also think it's hypocritical for some of those women to also say that they think interracial dating is good when they hate white women partaking in it. Lastly if your against black men dating white women would you be ok with them being a women of another nationality or is it just the white girls you hate?


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  • I don't understand why any of it matters. My problem is those who say they only date a certain race. Would I date a white girl? Yes. But I'd date a black girl too. Doesn't matter to me.

    To answer your question I imagine it's just jealousy. They might feel now they don't only have to compete with black women, but they have to compete with white ones too.


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  • I doubt most of them truly care, unless they are being assholes about it.


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  • Because most don't like any race but black guys and it pisses them off to see the only type of guy they like preferring other people.

  • this is gonna get out of hand fast