What are his intentions?

So in December I met this guy. We started as friends then we started hanging out alone. Last month he kissed me. He was in a relationship so I backed away so fast. But now we are texting again. He calles me 'cutie' and we connected again over the death of a close family member. He still has a girlfriend but I don't know where his mind is. I don't want to get too involved while he is still with his girlfriend. I really like him. Does he want to hook up or does he want a relationship?

He has said that he finds me attractive and after I backed away he would rub my back I and give me hugs with my back pressed to his stomach. After we started to text again he confessed he never lost feelings for me. But he is still in a relationship.


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What Guys Said 2

  • He could be using you to escape from his current relationship. If things are bad currently with her he might be seeking affection elsewhere. Whenever he calls you cutie or something find a way to bring up his girlfriend. "Oh so how is ______ doing?" He already cheated on her by kissing you and that says a lot about him tbh.

  • Stay away from him... If he's not loyal with his current girlfriend what makes you sure he'll be loyal to you? He seems to be using you


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  • I think he's a little bit bored with his girlfriend and he's looking for ways to spice things up for himself... leading you on is how he does that. He did try to kiss you... so I guess he'd be ok with hooking up if you wanted to. But if he wanted something serious or real he'd leave his girlfriend... just tell him that you're not interested in flirting with someone who has a girlfriend. Stop replying after that. If he leaves her... then he might be interested. If not, I'm sorry but he's just bored.