Advice On How To Stave Off That Desire For Companionship?

Well I'm going to just put this all out there for people to see. I haven't been on a date since 2012, and I haven't had a relationship since 2011 - When I was dating the girl I thought I would eventually marry. The breakup of that relationship was seriously traumatic to me. I spent the entire year of 2012 picking myself back up, and unfortunately I tried to rebound, I went on all kinds of dates with different girls, put myself out there on dating sites. Nothing good came of that. Eventually I realized this and stopped and just focused on trying to rebuild myself. Over the past few years however I have come to the conclusion of finding my fulfillment not through another, but by my own work and my own deeds. But I am still a man, and I do feel lonely from time to time, however that feeling of missing companionship is suddenly becoming more pronounced. I now really miss that feeling of sharing my life with someone special, and sharing and being a part of their life too. But, I am also an avid believer one never finds love by looking for it. And my job is a solitary one, I don't really have the chance to encounter a lot of women. And bars and clubs are not my scene. I can be a pretty social guy though, and I'm very friendly and easy going. I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice or pointers on what may be helpful for me, or how to stave off that desire for companionship.


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