Falling for someone.. but it's a girl?

Right so I'm a straight girl who has always been attracted to boys even though I've never had a boyfriend because I've got high standards and I think people think that they can't approach me. Even though I'm a really nice girl, no boys seem to pluck up the courage and I don't have it either. But I've started working with a lesbian. She looks and dresses and basically acts like a boy, there's something really attractive about her that I see but only due to her being similar to a male in my eyes. She also has a really good sense of humour and I just like how she looks. I can't work this out. I don't find any other girls attractive but there's something about her. I don't know what's going on with myself!


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  • Not all attraction is physical attraction. It's ok. You are attracted to the woman, not her body. That's completely normal.

    • Really? So I can find her attractive but doesn't make me into girls?

    • You may not be into GIRLS in general... but into her, yes. There's no rules written down about how much or how many... You like who you like.

    • That's fair enough! Sexuality is a strange one

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  • Sure it can happen!


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  • I think you just see qualities in her that you want in guys, nothing wrong with that at all.

  • So do you just like her personality and enjoy her company or does she actually make you wet?

    • Lmao she doesn't turn me on I just like her personality and being around her etc but she's really attractive

    • ahh you aren't a lesbian then. lol Its just someone you like as a person

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