Is it weird that I'm going to hang out with a 30 year old when I'm only 22?

To make a long story short…

I used to hang out with these two guys all the time like 5 years ago. The one guy I’m going to hang out with, I met through the other one who was my age. I always kind of liked him and I suppose he liked me too. I was freshly 18 when I hung out with them which at that point he was 27 or something. My friend told me he liked me and which I sort of liked him too but I thought the age difference was too much. So I didn’t talk to him much more after finding that out.

Five years later we are planning on watching a movie and having a few drinks at his place this Sunday. Is this weird or am I getting myself into trouble going over there?

Wound up not even going. Dude still lives with his parents…. Kind of weird.


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  • When I just read your headline question, I thought: "Geez you're 22 you're a big girl now so go ahead and hang out with whoever you like."

    But then I read about how this was a followup from something that happened 5 years ago, when the 8 year difference between you as an 18 year old and him as a 26-27 year old gives off the impression that he may be a bit creepy. But that's just my opinion, obviously you were 18 then so it's not like you were a minor. If he seems like a good guy then use your intuition and go forward with it. That's the nice thing about being an adult: you get to call the shots.


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  • i don't think so at all. age isn't the big thing, its more maturity. if you too are on the same scale then I don't think it should be any trouble at all. age only reall matters to a certain point, you are 22 now so don't worry how old he is and look at how you feel about him instead... have fun!

  • No, you're older now and have a little more perspective on things. It's not so far out of dating range. 8 years is a little thin. 7 years is more the norm and 10 is definitely pushing it. But no. 8 years is not unreasonable.


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  • i used to have a problem hanging out w someone a yr. older than me. and, I'm 36 and my boyfriend is 26, it's all in the way you think about it, but moral of the story, age is relative. and so is aging my wisdom teeth finally broke through at 28. and they are still growing in.

    however I do know a 28 yr. old guy who is scared to get old, so he tries for younger girls, they have less intelligence he claims, and it's easier for him to manipulate them because they can't see what their major flaws are , young girls are still impressionable, and majority of men want to control and dominate a helpless little victim to be the hero or daddy too.