Will he ever want a relationship?

I've been seeing this guy for the past 3 months. We were good friends before, kissed at a party and since then we've been inseperable. We spend every night together, go to the cinema, cook each other dinner or just cuddle up watching a film. He's practically moved into my place. I know we're exclusive, but we're not in a relationship. He says he isn't ready to put labels on things and doesn't want a relationship right now. He gets very defensive and annoyed if I bring it up. That's confusing to me because it seems like we already are in a relationship, he texts me throughout the day, talks about plans for the future and does everything a boyfriend would do. So how can he not be ready for one. Do you think he's just keeping his options open?


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  • He's likely waiting for a better woman to commit to. He's playing you along until he meets the right girl so I'd distance myself.

  • yes he's keeping his options open and doesn't want to commit I mean why should he if he can get things done with you like kissing , cuddling or sex?