How to make a move on a girl you used to like a lot?

About two years ago I was really into this girl at my school, and we went out a couple of times, but nothing really came of it. It wasn't that there wasn't any intial attraction between us, it's just that I wasn't very confident then, and I didn't know what I was doing came on too strong. From there we just stopped going out, and remained casual friends until the end of the school year, but then stopped talking for a while. Over the past few months we've hung out and gone to lunch a few times (she iitiated all of these), and I want to try to tart things over with her romantically (I've gained a lot of confidence, and am like a completely better version of my previous self). Can I reset things, and escalate things romantically?


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  • You do something else with the time you spent thinking about her.


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  • You should hang out with her more often, try to intensify your friendship, and then you will see her reaction, who knows, maybe she will make a move on you ;)