Do guys like it if the girl they are seeing is spontaneous i.e. just showing up to hang out for the evening, get him to go out to a movie or something, anything? Do guys mind this?


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  • I wouldn't want a girl to just show up out of no where if I had obligations and want to drag me off somewhere. Most of the time I have things to do and have places to be and a girl needs to respect that. But if we had set aside time to be together and she showed up during that time and drag me off on an adventure to do something fun I would go with it. Some times spontaneity can be fun during times of responsibility. For example I was getting ready to go to lunch from work and my girl showed up out of no where to surprise me and took me out to lunch that would put a smile on my face. Spontaneity is good to an extent.

  • I like it, lol


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