Should I go talk to my crush?

so basically what's happening to me is that there is this guy i like. I started to like him when one day it was his birthday and he was very upset so i wrote him a letter saying that he matters and so on (just to be nice). He started to be very nice to me, draw me roses, call me names like beautiful and with that combined with his personality i fell for him. At first, my friends told him one by one that i liked him so he knew all along that i liked him but i felt sad that I personally didn't tell him so i made a love note. I'm in 10th grade so that's one problem i wrote the note in Japanese ( because he liked anime and stuff so). The next problem is that even though all this happened he didn't tell me anything. He would try to act cool in front of me and try to talk to me but he never told me his answer. One day I got his number by my best friend and i texted him all night and in the end told him who i was and how much i liked him because he didn't know who it was. Ever since then it's been super awkward. We haven't talked to each other in a while and when we pass by he gets very weird and kind of acts nervous. We now have no classes together but i still see him walking around. I still like him and one person i knew said to me that he likes someone else and that he was going though a lot of girls at some point. I'm sad now because my best friend out the state said she got a boyfriend and everyone's happy except for me. I want to talk to him but i don't want it to be crazy or too desperate. I wish he never knew i liked him to early and i tried to give up on him but he keeps on giving me reasons to keep on liking him. What should i do? all of his ex's are super pretty, popular, have a life and I don't because i only have 91 followers on instagram so people are calling me lame.:(


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  • yes you should


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  • Leave him. There are so many other guys in your school. If he doesn't put effort, then you shouldn't either, but if he's shy, then tell him what's going on between the 2 of you