He was really nice then we had sex and he became distant?

I met this guy over the weekend and he seemed like he really liked me and the second night i met him we had sex. after that he wasn't as nice. he asked for my number Sunday night but hasn't texted me. should i just move on? im really lonely but i guess i have no choice if he's not into me. he told me he's a relationship guy... i shouldn't have had sex w him but i haven't in 9 months.
after we had sex he flat out told our friend that im not his girl infront of me.
i guess he just got my number to hook up w?


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  • Chalk it up to relieving some sexual tension that's built up, and move on. I get it, sometimes us girls just need it too, so don't beat yourself up. Unfortunately, this guy doesn't seem to want anything more serious and there's nothing you can do about that.

    If you're looking for a real relationship, it's better to wait in most cases. Not because he's going to think you're "easy" or any of that nonsense, but because it gives you both more time to figure out if you like each other. It may have been the case that after a date or two, you realized you didn't like him much, and wouldn't have wanted to sleep with him. However, when you have sex quickly, you trick yourself into believing you REALLY like him or you wouldn't have had sex. Thus keeping you chasing after a guy who may have been really wrong for you.


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  • Yeah that was just a hookup and he said he liked relationships as he thought saying that would make you easier to get into bed.

  • Used you for sex


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