Why do people say I dont care about life?

My sister my brother my mother all say i am lazy and apathetic, the guy i liked dumped me for being apathetic, but im not... life doesn't excite me because i feel like my dream fell apart. Maybe the reason i am apathetic because i liv e in a boring place and it doesn't inspire me at all, or maybe it is because i have been apathetic since i was 12 because i had to be in order to survive a tough treatment form my back i had to go through for like 5 years straight... i dont know//... i go to school tho, i dont have many friends because i dont put any effort in it anymore and i still live at home because im always broke no matter how many jobs i work, my drivers license... well thats not going so well because i failed my theory test 3 times already (ilive in europe) im 23 by the way... the only hope i have is my a convention im going on Sunday that could change my life and hopefully i can get into modeling and make more money to move to another city or country... they all think im a dissappointment.. my younger sister said you are not ''worthy of the title of a sister'' and she is 20...


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  • You're not pathetic at all. It takes some people longer than others to get their life together but there's nothing wrong with that as long as you keep working and don't give up.


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  • If you hate living there, then move out.