Shall I give up on this guy?

There's a guy I've been speaking to online for months now and recently we've been getting a lot closer.
I know he likes me but it came up today that we're maybe not on the same page. He knows that I'm after a relationship, he knows I've been let down by many guys because they weren't after anything serious and were basically just after sex. I'm baffled then as to why he's been pursuing me for so long.

He said today that he isn't sure about what he wants, he hasn't known for ages, that relationships are overrated...
He's a decent guy so I'm confused he didn't make that clearer earlier on.


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  • That's shitty. "Relationships are overrated" is basically code for "I am not interested in a relationship with you".

    It could be that he was kinda hoping that with a string of bad luck, you may be willing to lower your standards and just settle on something physical without needing a relationship. Some guys are predatory like that, especially if they know a girl is a bit wounded. You say he is a decent guy though, so it might be more innocent than that.

    But decent guy or not, that is pretty clear that a relationship is a no-go with this guy, so I would strongly lean towards the "Yes, give up on him" camp. He does not want what you want, unfortunately.

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  • I think you should give up on him, because he obviously wants to have a fuck-buddy instead of a relationship.
    He's obviously not as decent as he appears to be.
    Anyway, ditch the bitch.


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  • He probably does like you, but not enough to commit to you and turning down the rest of the lady-fish in the sea.

    If u want a casual sexual relationship then he would be down for that.

  • I think you should move on. He's not looking for a commitment, so he wouldn't be happy with being in one.

  • He's probably just not looking for a relationship per say, but if you allow a chance to get closer I'm sure he'll end up committing.

  • Ditch him.


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  • I think he may care for you but he doesn't have the same mutual interest for you, that you have in him.
    He's beating around the bush and rejecting you in a kind way so you do not take offense.
    I think you should just move on.
    I think it's fair to say , he may like you has a friend but feels no chemistry.

    • He told me he does like me but I didn't let him explain what he meant, he said he's just had horrible relationships. It doesn't mean he doesn't want one apparently
      He seemed pretty hurt tbh