When do guys start feeling emotional connections with a girl during sex in a relationship?

So I've been seeing this guy since October and the past month we have been hanging out every week-he says he wants to move slowly and get to know eachother more before anything serious and we have already had sex a few weeks a go because it came very naturally, however he has a hard time with emotions and it takes him a while for the stuff he considers "just playing" (kissing, cuddling, sex) to become emotional and meaningful to him and until he gets to know me more-how long do guys usually take to become emotionally involved in sex and intimacy with a girl?


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  • Sometimes never

    • What do you mean? If your in a relationship with someone don't you always build an emotional connection with them, isn't that necessary?

    • Some get into "relationships" just for steady sex

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  • Some of them never. Sorry.