I need help I'm confused?

I need help I'm confused?

A month ago I started speaking to a guy I used to have a crush on but stopped speaking to him because he shoved interest in another girl that turned out to be his friend. Well after coming into contact with him twice in a week I decided to speak to him. I asked for us to be friends because I didn't know if how he felt about me as I feel about him was still there. So Two weeks ago I spoke to him and I noticed his behavior towards me was different me and he's normally confident, outgoing & talkative but whenever he's around me he's more quiet and less outgoing. When I went to go deliever a pass to the counseling office I saw him in there and he was looking at me and keep his Eye contact on me when I left out of the office. Two days later When I was walking to class and he passed by me he was looking at me when we passed by each other. Anytime I Speak to him his tone switches in his voice and he always hugs me bye. Around Valentines Day my school was delivering carnations with cards. So I had one sent to him and my teacher told me he was showing them off in class. Well the following Tuesday he came into my other teacher's class my English teacher that he knows well. So he came in and then instead of passing by my desk normally he walked in the opposite direction. So after he got on to work on the computer he and my English teacher went in the backroom and closed the door and were talking. After 5 mins my teacher came out and left the door open but he stayed in the backroom. He hasn't said anything since then and anytime he sees me he walks in the opposite direction. Does anyone possibly think he has something else going on or did I make the mistake in having the carnations and card delivered to him? Also how should I go about speaking to him?

My crush is confusing me I need help I'm so confused and lost?


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  • yeah u should speak to him


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