In this day and age is it still common to ask your partner for their sex number? Would you?

I just realized that the last 3 girls I've dated have never asked me how many girls I'd been with and I never asked them. This new girl I'm dating I like her a lot but im
afraid to ask and to be honest I don't even want to know. So do people still ask for sex numbers and it is it even important?

  • Still ask
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  • Don't ask
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  • Don't want to know
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  • It's none of my business, and I don't really care about knowing. So long as they are clean and happy I don't care who or what they've done in the past.


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  • I wanna know EVERYTHING.

  • You don't want to give each other STD's right ;p and by knowing how many someone datet you know why he reacts in a certain way aka emotional bagage.


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