My boyfriend is lazy in dating.. Should I talk to him or leave him?

He doesn't really plan dates with me. I try to agree with him about our next date, and all he says is 'we'll see tomorrow'. He is a nice guy, and am sure he is seeing no one else, but I am feeling very bored because we do the same things over and over again. But he hasn't done anything to improve our dates. He is lazy- it's easier for him to call me at late in the day and say if we can meet. He took me out a lot of times- but it's still boring.

Do I talk to him or just leave him?


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  • I would find out what her really really likes to do when not being lazy... unless he is always lazy then there you have it... what you see is what you get so, get out your baggy clothes, slippers and find a spot on the sofa...


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  • Has it been like this since the beginning? If so, that's kind of the package you're left with. You can talk to him, but it sounds like you already have. If you're already unhappy before engaged/married, I'd get out and find someone more compatible.

    • Yes it's been since the beginning, but now he is lazier. It's enough for him to cuddle in the sofa.

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