When you make a decision that you're never talking to a person do you usually follow through?

Or do you eventually forgive them and maybe try again

  • yes I forgive
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  • No they're out of my life for good
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  • Honestly... Depends, explain.
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  • it depends on the person and what happened. but if the person saw me walking down the street and said hi i would say hi back but i will not allow my self to get emotionally involved in the person or the conversation.

    • Let's say the girl ended things in a really mean and hurtful text (saying something she should've called and said... It was just inappropriate to text it. She basically said fuck off and other swear words,) but before you guys were close and had a good friendship. What about then? Your decision is pretty final she's out of your life?

    • i have the type of personality that it takes a lot for me to totally ignore someone. i have only done that to one in my life. to me life is to short to hols the anger you feel tord the person. if you feel you have to get even somehow you are by being a better person than they are and holding your self to a higher standard than they do. remember sometimes kindness kills because a mean person doesn't know what to to.:-)

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  • It depends. Sometimes i may say that i don't want to speak to someone in the heat of the moment, but once i have had time to think things through i realise i was just speaking out anger or hurt. The only time i really cut people out of my life for good is if they intentionally hurt me or betray me in someway


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