Why did he end it and why didn't he tell me he was going to do it?

Last summer, I had a fling with this guy I really liked. We told each other everything. At the beginning of the relationship, he had a girlfriend, who I knew. He broke up with her in early july, so that made it easier on me. We never did anything, like sleep together or even kiss. We made plans to date during the school year, because he didn't want to date anyone after he had just broken up with her. I believed him, and trusted him. It's not surprising I fell so hard and fast for him, because not many guys like me. Well, anyways, school comes around, and he drops me faster than I could've imagined, and never looked back. He never even told me he was going to end whatever it was we had. Why would he do that?


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  • It's really hard to say with the information given. All I know of this guy is that you liked him, and he had a girlfriend which he dumped to possibly make you feel better. There just isn't enough information to try and predict what it is he was thinking or did.

    I can guess though.

    He might've never liked you.

    He might've gotten scared.

    He might've felt like he made a mistake.

    He might've found someone he liked more.

    But these are only guesses and have no truth to them. Do you see this guy at school? Have you talked to him? Do you walk by each other?

    • People ought to have the decency to write WHY he or she disagrees with what I say, as that would actually help the Question Asker to see perspective on the issue, instead of just random thumbs down.


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  • I'm confused. You never did anything, like sleep together or even kiss. How is that a fling? Well anyway, I'm not sure why he would do that. Maybe you and he didn't have the same ideas about the realationship, but it seems like he should have had the decency to say something.


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  • All I can say to you is that, that really sucks and I'm sorry that it happened to you. But as you know, we're all going to many broken hearts before we settle down and end up with "the one". You're going to run into a lot of nice guys and jerks. I couldn't tell you why he ended things. He should have been honest with you, but the world isn't made with all honest and respectable people. What good is that going to do you good by finding out? But I'd watch out for guys who have girlfriends next time though.

    "Not many guys like me"? Why so negative? Give yourself more credit. Confidence is extremely attractive! ;)

  • ummm well I'm sorry that is really sucky.I think that you should just get over him .